Invisalign ®

Until recently, patients who wanted to undergo orthodontic treatment were forced to face, for a period of their life, a series of inconveniences to which fixed orthodontic equipment subjected them.

The paradox was that to obtain an aesthetic improvement, realigning the teeth and improving the smile, it was necessary to undergo a period – lasting from 12 to 24 months – of imperfection and discomfort with fixed equipment.

Today, however, an orthodontic treatment can be faced by the patient with great serenity, as it is no longer necessary to undergo therapies with fixed equipment.

Currently the new frontiers of orthodontics allow to realign the teeth using transparent aligners, which allow to carry out the treatment without the inconvenience of the fixed appliance, that is, no more infernal underwire with related aesthetic problems, difficulties in oral hygiene and no irritation or lesion of mucous membranes or gums.

During the orthodontic treatment, the patient can always have the pleasure of smiling, not having to worry about showing a metal device and the people with whom he will relate will not notice anything.

The Invisalign device consists of a series of transparent aligners that are tailor-made for each patient. The number of aligners to be used varies according to the malocclusion and each aligner must be used for 22 hours throughout the day, removing it from the mouth only to eat and brush your teeth.

Every two weeks the upper and lower aligners are replaced and this allows a gradual and constant movement of the teeth. On average, an aligner allows a displacement of 0.2 mm. and therefore to obtain a tooth displacement of 2 mm. 10 aligners are required.

The planning of the orthodontic treatment is carried out in the United States where, through a computerized process, the patient’s mouth is first reconstructed in three dimensions and then the virtual movement of the teeth is carried out. This procedure is called ClinCheck and allows you to view the orthodontic treatment on your computer. The orthodontist can thus appropriately and comprehensively evaluate the therapy and also make any changes or corrections. For the patient, on the other hand, it represents a useful tool to be able to appreciate the displacement of the teeth and thus evaluate the final aesthetic result. There are numerous commonplaces about Invisalign equipment, one of these is related to the difficulty of carrying out complex orthodontic treatments.

Today, after more than ten years since the birth of Invisalign and after thousands of cases treated all over the world, it can be said that patients who cannot take advantage of the advantages of an invisible treatment are very rare. All this is making Invisalign the most important therapeutic tool for orthodontists and that we can safely say that orthodontics of the third millennium is finally born, simple, for everyone and free of discomfort.