Invisalign® teen

Seeing the misaligned or uneven smile of their children, many parents wonder what to do

If you have asked yourself this question, this article can help you.

Children’s appliance, what is it for?

The appliance for children is not only useful for aligning the teeth and promoting the correct development of the dentition.

This equipment is also used to guide the growth of the jaw bones in order to improve chewing and solve any problems in the joints.

It is important to carry out dental examinations from the age of 6-7, when all the milk teeth have appeared.

The dentist will thus be able to assess early on the possible need for interceptive orthodontic treatment.

In suitable cases, the contribution of the appliance for children is essential for the balanced growth of all the structures of the oral cavity: it is important to act before the end of skeletal development in the child, to modify the bone conformation and the teeth when they have not yet reached a more mature phase.

Invisalign® First: the invisible solution for children

Interceptive orthodontics is our main ally in avoiding overcrowding and making sure that each tooth grows correctly.

Thanks to this treatment we are able to intercept and prevent any possible problem in the development of the bone and dental structure of children.

And to do that, we use Invisalign First® invisible appliances – perfect for kids and teens!

they do not create annoyances;
they can be removed for meals and to carry out daily hygiene;
they are invisible.
… With Invisalign® smiling has never been easier!

Invisalign® device for children… when is it needed?

Here are some signs you parents should watch out for:

irregular dentition;
large spaces between the teeth;
constant mouth breathing;
In these cases it is necessary to book a first visit with Dr. Francesconi who will be able to advise you on the most effective solution to make your child’s smile perfect!

Invisalign First® treatment: how long does it last?

Orthodontic treatments in children and adolescents generally can last from 18 to 24 months, depending on whether they are more or less severe cases. During this time the patient will have to change the masks every 10-14 days and undergo regular check-ups

There is no single model of appliance for children, there are many variations.

After considering the age of the child and the type of orthodontic problem, the dentist will evaluate the most appropriate device (mobile or fixed) to use.

In conclusion…

The Invisalign® device for children is the perfect solution for the early treatment of aesthetic and functional problems of the oral cavity and to avoid having to resort to more complex and painful treatments as they grow.


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