Oral hygiene for the little ones

Good oral hygiene is the basis of your children’s mouth health and the freshness of their smile:

1. From zero to three years

  • Clean the gums at least once a day (best after each meal) with wet gauze if the children are very young.
  • Never sweeten the hickey with sugar or honey.
  • Do not use a bottle as a pacifier for the night.
  • Introduce foods rich in vitamins C and D (citrus fruits, tomatoes, dairy products, eggs) into their diet.

2. After three years

  • Introduce the use of the toothbrush as soon as the child is able to use it, under the supervision of an adult.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste (in the presence of an adult).
  • Up to the age of six, dose the toothpaste in modest quantities.
  • After the age of six, when the first permanent molars appear, start caries prophylaxis by having the grooves sealed.
  • It is very useful to prevent caries with a fluoroprophylaxis session, preferably repeated twice a year. It consists in putting a gel with a high concentration of amino fluorine in contact with the teeth with two latex dental masks for 3-5 minutes. It has no contraindications.