Quotation and costs

We want to be extremely clear with our customers and future customers. On this page you will find information regarding economic and fiscal aspects of the relationship between Dentalnext and its customers


According to Article 31 of the Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG), compulsory health insurance covers the costs of dental treatment:
– when the afflictions are caused by a serious and non-avoidable disease of the masticatory system
– when the diseases are caused by a serious systemic disease or its after-effects
– when treatment is necessary for the treatment of a serious systemic disease or its sequelae
– when they are due to an accident not covered by other insurance
. According to this definition, there are serious and rare pathologies of the mouth or jaw whose treatment is covered by compulsory insurance, for example – Severe congenital malformations of the jaws
– Maxillary cysts without dental origin
– Benign or malignant tumours
– Prepubertal or juvenile periodontitis in children and adolescents
– Dislocations or supernumerary teeth or tooth germs causing a disease (e.g. abscess, cyst)
Other illnesses not covered by Art. 31 are not covered by compulsory insurance and are therefore borne entirely by the patient.


Services rendered in our clinic are usually billed according to the SSO DENTOTAR tariff. The point value applied is shown in the table below. We reserve the right to charge for certain services outside of the Dentotar tariff.


Before starting the planned treatment, we will calculate a detailed estimate, which you will receive in writing. If possible, we will present you with several options. You can also ask for an estimate for less important treatments. If, due to unforeseeable complications, the costs increase by more than 15% compared to the estimate, you will be informed as soon as possible.


We strive to ensure that our patients receive their appointments on time and that waiting times are kept to an absolute minimum. On the other hand, we also expect our patients to be reliable. We therefore hope that you will understand if we count all appointments that are missed or not cancelled in time. If you are unable to attend, please let us know during our office hours (Monday-Friday 09:00-18:30) at least 24 hours before your appointment.


Cost transparency is very important to us. We strive for a high level of quality in our specialist centre and therefore cannot and will not compete with discount offers both at home and abroad. Our aim is rather to offer patients all our expertise at a fair price.
Costs obviously depend on the complexity of the individual case, and in order to be able to draw up an accurate and reliable estimate, the patient’s first visit is essential. In this section we simply present, by way of example, some average costs of services frequently provided in our centre. Prices are given in Swiss Francs (CHF).


We are located in GA-JA palace, Via Pian Scairolo 11, Pambio Noranco (Lugano, Svizzera).