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Oral surgery, a very vast field that ranges from the extraction of teeth (wisdom teeth, including teeth, irretrievably lost decayed teeth), up to the most innovative techniques of reconstructive surgery.

The field of oral surgery includes:

Removal of cystic lesions and benign neoformations of the oral cavity and maxillary bones;

Treatment of apex infections of unresolved teeth with other therapies;

Pre-prosthetic surgery: this modifies, where necessary, the morphology of the mouth in view of a prosthetic rehabilitation. Bone grafts, mucosal grafts, sinus lifts and other modern techniques may be necessary to allow you to then proceed with the insertion of dental implants and obtain an aesthetic and functional result without compromise;

A last but no less important item is the diagnosis of lesions of the oral cavity that have a pathological significance and which, if highlighted, require further investigation by performing biopsies